Hudson Train Station Acrylic Print LE

Hudson Train Station Acrylic Print LE

The signature image for Laura's current show in Catskill, NY.  A crowd of New Yorkers exits the train in a blissful state as they head out for a weekend in the Hudson Valley. Do you want to join them?

Limited Edition of 50 / Signed and Numbered
10 Prints on Acrylic /20 Prints on Paper/20 Prints on Canvas

Each print starts with an optically pure acrylic material that is lighter weight and more durable than glass. The image is printed on the back and it looks as if it is embedded into the acrylic. The colors pop with radiant vibrancy. The results are absolutely stunning.  We call these "Wall Candy"

Each print is ready to hang with a frame wall mounting on the back.  Scroll through images to see example.  The acrylic is 3/16 inches thick.

Please call us for more details or to order in additional sizes.


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