Chanticleer Tile

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Chanticleer Tile

Meet Chanticleer! This proud and majestic rooster is the envy of many cultures and religions. The Greeks use the rooster as a symbol for the sun. The French see the rooster as the embodiment of masculinity and a sacred bird often used as an emblem for France. In China, the rooster represents dignity, nobility and courage. In Christianity, the rooster is a bird associated with the apostle Peter and in Buddhism, the rooster symbolizes non-material desires.

In Columbia South Carolina, this bird is known as a fighting gamecock, aka the mascot for the University of South Carolina! The original was commissioned by a former football star for the University of South Carolina.

Our tiles can be used as decorative coasters or displayed as artwork. They can also be installed with mortar and grout just like any other ceramic tile to personalize a back splash, counter top, etc.  Our 2x2 size tile comes with a magnet backing. 


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