Jolly Roger (French Rose) Artful Tile

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Jolly Roger (French Rose) Artful Tile

Jolly Roger is a beautiful warning to seize the day or in the words of English poet Robert Herrick, "Gather ye rosebunds while ye may..."

Our tiles can be displayed on a stand, framed as art or used as a decorative coaster. They can also be installed with mortar and grout just like any other ceramic tile to personalize a backsplash, counter top, etc. 

With a degree in Fabric Design, it’s easy to see how pattern has become a central character in Laura’s work. In her wallpaper Series, Laura’s flowers, people and animals dance before a stage of elaborate and energetic design. These emotive backgrounds play a role in the story of each piece. A combination of silk-screening and painting was used to create each piece.


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