Lady Liberty (Black & White) Art on Acrylic

Lady Liberty (Black & White) Art on Acrylic

Laura's latest Lady Liberty is modern with it's minimalist palette and graphic patterns. Laura created this piece for The Emergence Exhibition @ Shaw Contract. 

Words from the artist - "Hands down, Lady Liberty is my favorite image. She is the first painting I created after moving to New York, which is where I’ve always wanted to live. I was 30 when I finally made it here. I always have felt like this image is a kind of a victory painting. Sometimes, I think it may be a self portrait of sorts.

There is such an optimism and magic about this painting that even I don’t understand. Lady Liberty helped me launch my career as a full-time artist and she brought me my first real commercial success. I have sold Lady Liberty again and again. I have been commissioned to paint her in all sizes, in daytime settings, in nighttime settings, for both public and private collectors. She hangs in almost every state in the U.S. and many countries all over the world. One of my former art professors once asked me if I ever tired of painting her. I don’t, and I continue to see her in new ways. "

Each acrylic print starts with an optically pure acrylic material that is lighter weight and more durable than glass. The image is printed on the back and it looks as if it is embedded into the acrylic. The colors pop with radiant vibrancy. The results are absolutely stunning. We call these "Wall Candy"

Each print is ready to hang with a frame wall mounting on the back. Scroll through images to see example. The acrylic is 3/16 inches thick.

See examples of a print on acrylic here -


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