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June 6, 2012

Turn up the color this summer with our hot shades of the season. Hap­­py Wall Art is the perfect way to transform your living space by injecting color and giving it an instant update. Think pink this summer and bring this vibrant and happy color into your home to make a fun and exciting space. View the three room designs below that perfectly complement  our hot pink color palette. Let your colorful imagination go crazy this summer with Wall Art from Laura Loving Happy.   

May 21, 2012

In the world of art and design, inspiration and creation can become interchangeable. Here are some images that inspired us as well as pictures we found that seem to look a bit familiar. So we ask, does art imitate life or is it the other way around?

May 6, 2012

Freshen up your walls this summer with the cool shades of blue. Happy Wall Art is the perfect way to transform your living space by capturing the colorful tones of the season. Colors trending for 2012 include a wide variety of blues. The color palette ranges from celestial and majestic to peaceful and soothing. Why paint your walls when you can  simply incorporate one of our images into any room in your house, giving it an instant update. We highlighted three room designs below that perfectly compliment our blue mood and serve as a backdrop where you can envision our images. Let your colorful imagination go crazy this summer with Wall Art from Laura Loving Happy.  




Laura Loving Happy only uses the finest materials for our products. All of our canvases are  made from 100% cotton to allow for the look and feel of a true work of art. Our Wall Art is gallery wrapped with 1.5" sides and is shipped ready to hang with a pre-mounted wire back.  When you shop with us at Laura Loving Happy, you can enjoy a little piece of our studio in your own home.  Our Wall Art line is made in the USA.  



May 2, 2012

We know every Mom loves flowers, but this Mother's Day think into the future. Give a gift that your mom can enjoy all year round. We created Artful Tiles to spread the joy of fresh flowers all year long. Visit our Artful Tile page for all the details.

April 18, 2012

As we work on new products for Spring and Fall 2012, we are inspired by nature. Color and texture abound all around us. Here are some ideas we want to share.


February 16, 2012

The creative ideas that power the Happy brand begin every day in an artist’s studio in New York City’s West Village. This open loft is the birthplace of the joyful and quirky images that give life to our products. Each design is painted by the hand of artist Laura Loving. By starting with original works, we create a level of detail in all of our products that have the feel of an artist’s touch.

Simply stated, Happy begins with a can of paint, a brush and a canvas.


January 24, 2012

When we first started designing our site we looked around for inspiration. The site needed to be simple and clean, yet colorful. Five colors were selected that reflect our idea of Happy. Citron was the first color we chose. It has a refreshing feeling that can be used as an impactful color or as a colorful neutral. It seemed to be a natural fit for us and served as the jumping off color for black, grays and a splash of hot pink.

Here are some images that inspired us......


Images Via: (L to R)   Yusheng , Live Laugh Black and White, Daily Crushes, Galadarling, The Hidden List, Red Bubble,

We Love Butterflies,


October 2, 2011

 Laura Loving Happy loves hearing from you!



“Market Certified! I am truly amazed at how much I fit in just two bags.”

Mary Kay, Atlanta, GA
RE: Buddha Bag




"The cards arrived just now - thank you! AND, I really like your new HAPPY cards. I like the greeting card idea with text inside because it saves us non-creative types from having to attempt cleverness and originality. Merci Bouquet, indeed! The quality of the card is very nice - they feel good, they even smell good - and with your bright colors I think consumers will be drawn to them and they will BUY them. BRAVO!"
You are the greatest!
Beth Dulson, Marietta, GA
RE: Greeting Cards



"Framed the cards. They're awesome!"

Johanna Barrows, Seattle, WA
RE: Greeting Cards as little works of art







"Now I must congratulate you on the absolutely fantastic Holiday cards. I just adore them. Your colors, animals, people and activities are so right on target. The perfect card to send holiday cheer."

Carol Berkowitz, New York, NY
RE: Holiday Greeting Cards



"Love my Buddha Bag! It really is the perfect tote to carry when running my errands. I also like how  soft it feels, but still really durable. I am one Happy customer."

Westy, Monterey, CA

RE: Buddha Bag