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Queen of the Tulips Serigraph

Limited Edition Serigraph on Paper
Edition of 250
Hand signed and numbered by artist
26x26 inches
Our Prints Are Not Framed

Serigraphy is a method of screen-printing in which each color within an image requires its own screen for the press. All screens used to create these editions are hand drawn by Laura Loving. Each edition consists of 250 prints, with each print hand signed and numbered. Laura worked with renowned serigraph printer Gene Licht to create her serigraphs. Licht, of PK Editions has been helping artists create limited edition art since 1968 including. Gene’s clients include Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Peter Max.

“I created my first tulip painting in 2004 and titled it Queen of the Tulips. I was inspired by the real life Queen of Sheba tulip for its name and quirky shape.

My favorite part of being an artist is connecting with people through my work and Queen of the Tulips is a connector. I am not alone in my love for tulips. My tulip paintings were so popular that I published a limited edition serigraph in 2005. Queen of the Tulips out sells every image except Lady Liberty. She holds the honor of selling to my oldest client (an 89 year old man who lives on the Upper West Side who has been collecting my work since his mid 80s) and my youngest clients (many parents have purchased QOT for their nurseries for its primary color appeal to newborns)" artist Laura Loving.

Price: $300.00


Queen of the Tulips


I really enjoy this piece. I have it hanging on my bedroom wall (which is almost the exact shade of blue in the picture - just a coincidence!) and it really brightens up the room. I love the deep colors!