The Happy Manifesto

Laura Loving Happy has a mission to bring art to everyone. The Happy brand is inspired by the original fine art business, Studio Laura Loving, and focuses on producing art products at an affordable price. Happy’s initial line includes greeting cards, tote bags and wall art.

The creative ideas that power the Happy brand begin every day in an artist's studio in New York City's West Village. This open loft is the birthplace of the joyful and quirky images that give life to our products. Each design is painted by the hand of Laura Loving. Starting with original works, we create a level of detail in all of our products that have the feel of an artist's touch. Simply stated, Happy begins with a can of paint, a brush and a canvas.

We use only the finest materials for our products. Happy Totes, Cards and Canvases are all made from 100% cottons and high grade papers to allow for the look and feel of a true work of art. When you shop with us at Laura Loving Happy, you can enjoy a little piece of our studio in your own home.

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